“Education is a matter of the heart.” - Don Bosco

Don Bosco, a visionary of the 19th century, who loved the youth, provided them not only with shelter, but also education. His approach-the Preventive System of Education- kept the youth away from harm and evil. His education was directed towards self-discovery, the formation of character, holistic development and facing the challenges of life. The Preventive System is based on reason, spiritual well-being and loving-kindness.

Don Bosco System of Education

Don Bosco is an international Catholic educational movement founded in 1859 by St. John Bosco to help disadvantaged young people. Don Bosco’s educational system focuses on providing quality education with a strong emphasis on character formation. It includes an integrated approach to teaching, which combines classroom instruction with practical activities such as sports and other extra-curricular activities. The aim is to develop the intellectual, spiritual, social and physical abilities of each student.

The system also places a strong emphasis on moral values, such as respect, responsibility, honesty, kindness, and charity. Don Bosco’s educational system also has a strong focus on technical and vocational training. It provides students with the opportunity to learn a variety of trades and skills that can be used in their future careers. This helps to ensure that students are well equipped to enter the workforce.

In addition to providing quality education and technical training, Don Bosco’s educational system also strives to foster a sense of community and responsibility. Through various activities, students are encouraged to work together and help each other. This helps to create a strong sense of community and promotes mutual respect and acceptance.

For Salesians it has been an enviable and highly rewarding experience to come to know the young and their world up close – walking with them, sharing their dreams, listening to their puzzling questions, joining them in their search, and something gently challenging them and being challenged by them, but always standing by their side offering them a reassuring adult presences as they struggle to find their feet in their topsy-turvy world, both withing them and outside.

Our Works

Youth Focus

YOUTHFUL as young people together with their educators are true leaders in the educational development of the movement, owning responsibility as part of the unique pastoral plan for the local area.


The presence of Don Bosco schools all over the world, associated with excellence and the holistic development of the vulnerable young, is one of the most consistent, significant and widespread moves in the field of education.

Education to Faith

We believe that this society had its beginning in simple catechism lesson. We believe that the education of religious dimension is central to personal development of the young. This dimension helps the young to pass the door of faith to discover the joy of faith.

Social Development

The Salesian Society encourages members to go back to their roots by focusing all their activity on the poor and abandoned young people and those who have major difficulties: “The world will always welcome us with pleasure, while we are directing our care at the poorest children who are intimidated by the society. This is our true wealth and no one will take it away from us” (Cf. General Chapter 27).

Social Communication

The Social Communication Commission, BOSCOM, South Asia, co-ordinator of inter-provincial communication activities of the region, founded in 1993 on the premise - ‘the truth shall make you free’ - promotes, collaborates, plans, studies and researches the sectors of animation, formation, information, business enterprise, cultural and artistic patrimony within the South Asian context.

Don Bosco Museum

Built over 10 years (1994-2004), its seven floors represent the Seven Sister States of the North East. The DBCIC building has a total floor area of 56,000 sq. ft. and 15,154 sq. ft. of wall area for display of art objects and paintings.


Inspired by the charism of St. John Bosco, the Salesian Parish encourages the faithful to reflect on their life experience and discern God’s presence in their lives. It aims to nurture lay leadership as well as personal faith. The Salesians carry out their mission in parishes responding to the pastoral needs of the particular church in which the community seeks adequate opportunities to serve, especially the young, the poor and the needy.