We provide residential, non-residential and reach-out training and orientation programmes to the various stakeholders in our neighbourhood.


Don Bosco Youth Animation Centres/Oratories in South Asia offer various animation programmes to thousands of young people, youth animators, preachers, priests, nuns, youth leaders and social workers. Many animation centres have systematic courses with several modules for the training of youth animators with follow-up sessions. They provide residential, non-residential and reach-out training and orientation programmes.

Programmes organized for Youth include: Formation programmes for building up committed youth; Awareness, Salesian Pedagogy and Education, Self Empowerment and Leadership Training programmes for School and College students as well as for unorganized youth in rural and urban settings; Retreats, Orientation and Value Education Programmes for High School and College students; Vocation Orientation and Career Guidance Programmes for youth and Youth Fests and Youth Meets to encourage creative expressions through music, dance, acting etc.

Programmes for Youth Animators and Teachers include: Residential programme for Youth Animators, Training Programmes for teachers, priests, religious and lay youth leaders interested in youth ministry and Capacity Building Programmes for school and college teachers, hostel in charge, social workers and others working for youth.

  • to offer qualified services of prevention and education during leisure time, youth animation and social-cultural development
  • to offer the educational system of Don Bosco to present day society by promoting and forming volunteers and carrying out socio-cultural animation
  • to promote necessary devices to respond to young people’s demands and needs essential for complex development of their personality
  • to pay special attention to marginalized children and youth and to those who are in danger of social exclusion
  • to support youth participation and association.