We endeavour not merely to spread knowledge but to impart values and skills that lead to holistic development of the individual and the society.


Don Bosco Higher Education India (DBHEI) is affiliated to the Salesian Institutes of Higher Learning (IUS), Rome, Italy to cater to the needs of the Higher Education Institutions in the South Asia Region. There are 52 institutions belonging to 12 Provinces of the South Asia Region. Higher education courses offered include Engineering and Polytechnic Colleges, Agricultural colleges, Arts, Commerce and Science Colleges, Colleges of Education and Specialization centres.

Lifelong learning and retraining is needed to embrace technological challenges for the young as human capital investment for the nation.

The school, vocational training centres and institutions of higher education promote the integral development of the young through the assimilation and careful revision of culture, critical thinking and quality education to responsibly assume active citizenship in family life, civil society and their communities.

Don Bosco Institutions provide students with an opportunity to become good, honest and responsible citizens ready to lead, serve and transform society through the three foundation pillars of 'Reason, Religion and Loving kindness'. The system of education that emerged from these principles of Don Bosco is popularly known as the Preventive System and is followed in all Don Bosco Institutions.

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