Centre for Indigenous Cultures

Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures (DBCIC) is a unique venture of the Salesians of Don Bosco to develop expert facilities for the preservation and promotion of numerous beautiful and diverse indigenous cultures in North East India, of India in particular and in communion with indigenous cultures anywhere in the world.


Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures (DBCIC)

Built over 10 years (1994-2004), its seven floors represent the Seven Sister States of the North East. The DBCIC building has a total floor area of 56,000 sq. ft. and 15,154 sq. ft. of wall area for display of art objects and paintings. The Centre has three distinct sections:

1. Exhibition of Cultural Artefacts

  • Photo Gallery: Precious photos of anthropological value taken by missionaries working in the area.
  • Mission and Culture Gallery: cultural presentation of the Church among the Khasi-Pnar and the Garos.
  • Entrance Alcove consists of 22 small alcoves, representing all the States of the North East.
  • Introductory Gallery: Here visitors get an overview of the whole North East.
  • Prehistory Gallery : explains the history of humankind’s gradual development as expounded by physical anthropologists.
  • Land and Peoples Gallery: a beautiful overview of the places and peoples of the North East.
  • Fishing, Hunting and Gathering Gallery: a glimpse into the creative genius of the peoples of the North East.
  • Agricultural Gallery: A 255-year old mighty tree in the middle of this gallery is a graphic demonstration of the harm slash-and-burn cultivation does.
  • Traditional Technology Gallery: dioramas showing pottery, wine making, basket making, black smithy, gold smithy, weaving, wood carving, leather works and cane making.
  • Basket Gallery: a wonderful diorama showcasing four different tribes engaged in the same occupation of basket making, in realistic village setting.
  • Musical instruments gallery: the traditional musical instruments.
  • Religion and culture gallery: the major religious beliefs and cultures of the world.
  • Weapons Gallery: traditional weapons used by various tribes in the past to protect themselves.
  • Costume and ornaments Gallery: life size figures of tribal men and women in their traditional dress and ornaments.
  • Don Bosco and Culture Gallery: a continent-wise showcasing of the services to culture around the world rendered by the Don Bosco institutions.
  • Housing Patterns Gallery: Showcasing traditional houses across the tribes of North East India.
  • Art Gallery: ancient artifacts and paintings of all the Seven Sister States and Sikkim.
  • Media and Culture Gallery: Situated on the topmost floor, it is a welcome place to relax, to watch a dance, and enjoy a cultural celebration.
2. Study and Research Wing

A library with 8500 volumes (and space for an additional 10,000 volumes) dealing with cultures, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, museology, and general knowledge, plus a Conference Hall for scholars and researchers.

3. Publications

Publications on culture and related topics constitute the third aspect of DBCIC.

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