Missionary Animation includes animation provided to the formation houses besides networking with other branches of the Salesian Family to promote the missionary dimension of the church while drawing people to Christ through authentic witnessing of Gospel values.

Missionary Animation presents the particular aspect of the missionary vocation (lay, religious and priestly) as the greatest, freely given response to the Lord's call. Missionary animation and vocational pastoral work, moreover, find common ground in the education of the young. It attempts to inculcate values and attitudes and thus provides involvement through the aspects of service freely given in humble, often uncomfortable and difficult places. It furthers the sense of the worldwide aspect: total self-donation in medium and long-term experiences of volunteer missionary work; the capacity for openness and dialogue with persons from other cultures and different religious convictions; generous commitment in service to the very poor and to those who have yet to receive the revelation of God's love while keeping alive the desire to give a permanent and generous response to the mission Ad gentes (Latin for "To the Nations", and is from the first line of the decree, as is customary with documents of the Church).

The Salesians in this region work with dedication and commitment to spread the charism of Don Bosco all over the world, with a preferential option for the poor, abandoned young in spreading Gospel values across the world.


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