Salesian Youth Movement


Salesian Youth Ministry (SYM) comprises of groups and associations that owe their charism to Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello’s Salesian spirituality and pedagogy and are recognised for it. While maintaining their individual organisational structure in practice, together they ensure an educational presence of quality, especially in new areas where young people socialise. The SYM is a movement of “youth for youth”, with reference to a common spirituality and communication between groups ensuring that messages and values are shared. It brings together young people who can be very different from one another - from those for whom spirituality is but a seed yet to sprout to those who consciously and explicitly accept the invitation for Salesian apostolic involvement.

The identity and nature of the Salesian Youth Movement

The Salesian Youth Movement is identified by two elements in particular. On the one hand, is a reference to Salesian Youth Spirituality and Salesian pedagogy; on the other hand are the links between groups and associations so that they can mutually cooperate in the task of formation according to what is laid down by the Salesian educational and pastoral approach plan.

The SYM is a youthful, educational world movement.

YOUTHFUL as young people together with their educators are true leaders in the educational development of the movement, owning responsibility as part of the unique pastoral plan for the local area.

EDUCATIONAL because it is offered to all young people so they can play their distinctive roles in human and spiritual growth.

WORLD because beyond each individual group can be found globally different cultural contexts.

The Four Dimensions of Salesian Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry programmes cover four dimensions - Education to Faith (experientially lived reverence for God and His creation and purposeful living); Education and Culture (promoting literacy and culture, and the formation of honest, contributing and vision-guided citizens); Social Experience (fostering healthy, caring, emotional interpersonal living); and Vocational Dimension (fostering God's call, making provisions for skill development, livelihood training, healthy lifestyle and recreation).

Today the Salesians along with the Salesian Family members continue that ministry for young people in academics, technical schools, parish centres, retreat and spirituality centres, ministry and catechetical centres, Young at Risk Centres for Street children, Refugees and Migrants, Orphanages, Guidance and Counselling centres, Job Placement Network, Social Communication centres and animation/ youth centres throughout the South Asian region for the poorest young.

This work is co-ordinated by the Don Bosco Youth Animation Commission entrusted by the Salesian Provincials Conference of South Asia.

For further information log on to www.dbya.org

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