Our Approach

“Education is a matter of the heart” - Don Bosco

Don Bosco, a visionary of the 19th century, who loved the youth, provided them not only with shelter, but also education. His approach-the Preventive System of Education- kept the youth away from harm and evil. His education was directed towards self-discovery, the formation of character, holistic development and facing the challenges of life. The Preventive System is based on reason, spiritual well-being and loving-kindness. The educator plays the key role of assistance & accompaniment, where they are perceived as father, mother, brother, sister, guide and protector. The Preventive System has been successful in its implementation across continents, cultures, languages and creeds thus enriching and enhancing the lives of youngsters all across the globe.

Today, the Salesians of Don Bosco take quality education to the margins-rural education, tribal communities and other disadvantage groups - while remaining committed to engaging with all sections of society. Don Bosco Educational Institutions foster freedom of thought, impartiality across communities and classes, foster inclusiveness, discipline, and inculcate values while inspiring a compassionate commitment to develop honest, responsible citizens ready to serve society.

The Salesians continue this ministry for young people in academics, technical schools, parishes and animation/ youth centres throughout the South Asian region for the poorest young. This work has been entrusted by the Salesian Provincials Conference of South Asia for co-ordination to the Don Bosco Youth Animation Commission.

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