Salesian Boarding Schools and Hostels


Since January 1909, when the Salesians under the leadership of Fr. Tomatis took over the Santhome orphanage in Chennai, they have been running boardings and hostels for boys all over the country. Many of these boys from poor families, and rural areas are given subsidized education, boarding and lodging. The Salesian boardings and hostels give ample opportunity to boarders and hostel inmates to improve their talents and excel in studies. Boarders are exhorted to share responsibility in the organization of their daily life.

Hundreds of Don Bosco alumni in India today would unflinchingly dedicate their success in life to the Salesian boarding school environment. Don Bosco’s educational system seems to be best practiced in a Salesian boarding, leaving an indelible, positive impact on every student who has entered its portals. Today in India/South Asia there are around 160 boarding schools and hostels for the marginalized young. All the boarding houses have a policy of offering the poorest of the poor a chance at education and a new lease of life.