Don Bosco Guidance & Counselling Centers



Salesian Psychological Association (SPA), South Asia is a non-profit group functioning under the auspices of the Salesian Provincial Conference of South Asia (SPCSA), consisting of members of the Salesian family trained in the psychological sciences, committed to deepening their professional knowledge and skills, and to offering psychological services and training, especially for those in the helping professions.


  1. To update quality of members’ training and services
  2. To promote mental health and psychological wellbeing of individuals and groups
  3. To prepare a cadre of mental health professionals and paraprofessionals
  4. To assist in Formation Process, particularly Salesian
  5. To promote research


  1. Have periodic updating programmes for members and other professionals
  2. Promote mental health
    a) Organize programmes and activities to enhance psychological well being of distressed persons, especially among youth and helping professionals.
    b) Publish mental health related materials
    c) Prepare mental health curriculum for different age group
  3. Organize Counselling training and personal growth and transformation programmes for:
    a) Educators
    b) Family
    c) Helping professionals
    d) Personnel in training institutions
    e) Youth and community leaders
    f) Subalterns
    g) NGO leaders, particularly those working with disadvantaged and marginalized people.
    h) Anyone in need
  4. Training and formation.
    a) Help evaluate educational and training process in regard to emotional growth and development
    b) Provide counselling and therapy
    c) Provide assessment facilities
  5. Research in particularly in relation to:
    a) religious life and training
    b) counselling interventions with subalterns and marginalized people
    c) existing treatment and training facilities and resource persons
    d) promotion of indigenous studies in psychology and development of psychological services suited to the Indian situation

Current Executive:

President: Jose Parappully, SDB INN)
Secretary: Ajoy Fernandes SDB (INB)
Executive member: Bosco Ponthokkkan SDB  (INK)

Salesian Guidance and Counselling Services

Salesians of Don Bosco run a number of guidance and counselling centres managed by members of the SPA providing a variety of providing a variety of psychological services directed primarily to children and youth such as:

  • psychological, psychoeducational and sensory-motor- integration assessments
  • interventions such as sensory-integration therapy, remedial education, developmental and career guidance
  • personal counselling, and group therapy
  • training programmes for counsellors, remedial educators, and teachers
  • health & wellness, and psycho-spiritual integration programmes promoting integral human development
  • publications related to psychological matters.

You may enquire at the centres mentioned below about the kind of services that they offer.