Sumedha Centre for Psychospiritual Wellbeing (Jeolikote, Uttarakhand)

Jeolikote P.O., Nainital Dt. Uttarakhand - 263127, India
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Sumedha, is a centre for renewal of body, mind and spirit through insights and practices from psychology and spiritual traditions. It is located in the rejuvenating lush green Kumaon foothills of the Himalayas, 18 km south of the tourist town of Nainital. In Sanskrit, Sumedha refers to a healthy brain that controls entire body-mind systems, as well as to rejuvenation of body and mind.  Sumedha Centre is a venture of the Salesians of Don Bosco. 
This is an inner journey in quest of greater healing and wholeness. Participants begin from where they are, looking at what is happening on their psychospiritual journey. They then move on to explore the psychological dynamics that affect their wellbeing, get in touch with their emotional and spiritual blocks and brokenness and seek healing so that they can live and minister in more joyful, satisfying and fruitful ways.
Facilitators Ajoy Fernandes PhD (Personality & Spirituality). Alba Rodrigues MA, BEd (Yoga & Cosmic Spirituality). Edison Fernandes PhD (Therapy). Joe Mannath PhD (Sexuality, Celibacy & Spirituality). Johny Dominic PhD (Unconscious Dynamics & Spirituality, Therapy). Jose Kuttianimattathil PhD (Core Transformation & Spirituality). Jose Parappully PhD (Midlife Dynamics & Holistic Spirituality,  Trauma & Healing, Therapy, Retreat). Philip Pinto MA, BEd (Consecrated Life). Shalini Mulackal PhD (Feminist & Women’s Spiritualties). Varghese Kalluvachel PhD 
Programmes offered
1. Psychotherapy (individual, couple, family, group)
2. Psychological Assessment
3. Spiritual Direction
Residential Programmes
1. Spiritual Retreat
2. Sumedha sadhana - A Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey
3. Midlife Dynamics and the Spiritual Journey
4. Psychosexual and Celibate Integration
Outreach Programmes
1. Teachers Effectiveness Training
2. Education with the Heart
3. Organizational Effectiveness
4. Transformational Leadership
5. Midlife Transition and the Spiritual Journey

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